Remedial Massage
and Injury Management

Myofascial Release and Remedial Massage Joondalup

Remedial Massage Joondalup

Assess, correct and aid the healing of the injury, we don’t just treat the symptoms. Remedial massage Joondalup, injury management, and myofascial release treatment.

Remedial massage therapy is the assessment and treatment of pain and injury in the muscles, joints or other connective tissues in the body through massage.

Remedial massage may help to stimulate blood flow to damaged or inflamed areas like stiff tendons, strained muscles, aching joints or tense areas of the body. During a session, our massage therapist will curate a series of hand movements and strokes designed specifically for your needs. The massage is applied directly to the skin using natural healing balm, to help decrease pain and tension deeply set in the muscles.

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What to Know When Booking a Remedial Massage

A Remedial Massage usually takes up to 60 minutes to 2 hours, depending on whether you would like the practitioner to treat a specific area or give a whole-body massage. An initial assessment and posture analysis are conducted to determine imbalances that are causing pain and discomfort. Remedial Massage Technique uses several specialised skills, including deep tissue massage, to locate damaged tissues and to support the body’s natural healing process. Loosen kinks and knots to promote long term relief.

Afflictions will be individually assessed to determine a best course of action for you. Read more about Remedial vs Deep Tissue.

Read more about Myotherapy Release.

  • Eat lightly before your appointment time
  • Wear something loose and comfortable and easy to remove if needed
  • Hydration is important before and after your massage
  • Be relaxed and enjoy!
Aside from drinking plenty of water, rest and avoid strenuous exercise for the rest of the day to allow your muscles to recover. Pay attention to your body and give yourself permission to relax and unwind. If you have any concerns or experience unusual pain, don’t hesitate to reach out to your massage therapist for guidance.

Massage Pricing

Remedial Massage Therapy Services are covered by private health insurance.

30 Minutes

Per Session

45 Minutes

Per Session

60 Minutes

Per Session

90 Minutes

Per Session

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